Browns Valley Truck Equip. sells and installs top quality truck cranes from several of the most trusted names in the industry.   We have over 45 years experience in selecting the right crane for your truck and the job.  Call us today for more information (270) 733-4322.

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Venturo Cranes

Venturo VC750FB Van Crane



The VC750FB van crane includes a 2 ft, 6 in boom length with a maximum capacity of 750 lbs. for the Euro-style work van side-door.

With a maximum capacity of 750 LBS and a reach up to 2 1/2 FT, the VC750FB is perfect for Ford Transit side-door applications.  This crane takes up little space and the boom folds down allowing more cargo space.  Fold-down boom offers a secure storage position and easy access to the cargo area of the van.

Venturo HT25KX


 The Venturo HT25KX is a 25,000 ft-lb hydraulic service crane with a 5,000 lb maximum capacity at 5 ft.  This larger crane gives operators the distance and strength they need for heavier loads at a short distance.  The HT25KX gives operators a 5,000 lb capacity with full-hydraulic functions for longer duty-cycle use. 

ESV1000 Van Crane


 The ESV1000 now offers you a lifting solution for the jobsite with your enclosed service body.  With an extremely small footprint, the crane can stow nicely against the inside wall on either the curb-side or street-side of the service body when not in use.  With the telescopic boom, the ESV1000 can fit in any of the enclosed service bodies without the need for any add-ons or specialty mounting kits.  The 12V DC winch wires directly to the battery and includes a 12 FT pendant controller with up/down functions.  The winch is situated in a fixed housing to the side of the crane.  This will allow the boom to swing with zero winch interference, giving the crane a wide swing radius. 

Pick Up Truck Hoists


 Venco is a premium manufacturer of pickup hoists, custom designed to fit your specific pickup truck chassis. All models are offered in VP (for original equipment Pickup box) and VC (for Contractor box or flatbed Conversion) 


Since 1981, Venco’s underbody hoists are highly regarded in the industry and represent an excellent value.   Venco offers a full line of underbody hoists designed for use with bodies ranging in lengths from 8′ to 24′ long, providing dumping capacities of 5 to 34 tons. Venco hoists are encapsulated in a durable abrasive and chemical resistant powder coating. When you purchase an underbody hoist from Venco, all necessary mounting hardware, fasteners, and body prop hardware are included. Venco hoists are covered under a 3 year product warranty.

Looking for a particular hoist?  Check out the Venco Hoist Calculator.

Venturo HT45KX


 The Venturo HT45KX with VLC™ controls features a maximum capacity of 7,800 lb.  Venturo’s new Electronic Crane Control Management System provides added safety and benefits for crane operators.  Benefits include a standard, wireless, pistol-grip controller, overload protection which controls and prevents any type of overload, LCD Display Screen alerts, transmitter handle vibrations, green/yellow/red alert lights under boom, and corresponding lights on the receiver. The LCD display shows percentage of load, boom angle in degrees and percetage of total capacity during crane operation. The VLC™ system also provides vehicle stability and grade control. 

Boss Air Compressors



 Based on the success of our Series 35, our new Infinity 35 takes hydraulically driven Rotary Screw Air Compressors to the next level! Smaller size, less weight, new fan location and can handle temperatures up to 110° ambient. This all new belt-driven rotary screw air compressor incorporates the latest technology to deliver instant pressure and continuous output – 35cfm at up to 175psig. No tanks to fill up, no wasted time, air now and for as long as you need it!
• 20% Size Reduction
• 20% Weight Reduction
• New Protected Fan Location
• Compressor Rated to 110° Ambient
• Same Mounting Pattern and Weather Proof Electrical Connection
• Hydraulic Ports Sized to Hose Sizes