Auxilliary Fuel Tanks


Increase driving range with an auxiliary fuel tank with toolbox built in! Auxiliary tanks can be used as additional capacity for a factory tank with the use of a diesel install kit. Shop for better fuel prices with this increased range.

Each tank comes with gas cap, suction tube, drain fittings, manual sight gauge, fuel filler shroud, along with internal baffles to reduce sloshing. Toolboxes come with linked stainless steel locks that also secure the fuel fill to prevent tampering, and two lift cylinders to hold open the crowned lid. All tanks Meet DOT standards.

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What should I know about Auxillary Tanks.


What is the difference between an auxilliary tank and a transfer tank?

 The big difference is between a transfer tank and an auxiliary tank is that the transfer tank has to have the fuel pumped out, but this can be pumped to your truck's fuel tank. But in order to transfer the fuel you will need a transfer pump. ... Auxiliary Tanks are plumbed right into your stock factory tank

How do I plumb my auxilliary tank into my stock factory tank?

 Tanks can also be used to gravity feed diesel to supply additional capacity to a factory tank,
with the use of an RDS Diesel Install kit

How do I install my tank?

Check out the directions.

Can I use an auxilliary tank with my truck which uses gas?

Auxilliary tanks are made to be used on trucks that use diesel.  

What brands of Auxilliary tanks do you carry?

We are excited to be able to bring you some of the industries finest manufactures of Auxilliary Fuel Tanks.  RDS, United Welding Systems, Weatherguard, DeeZee, ATTA and more.